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Uttorkaler Golposongroho by Manik Bandopadhyay

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Uttorkaler Golposongroho by Manik Bandopadhyay , short stories, and novel collection. He was a famous Indian bengali writer. He writes many books in his short life. Manik Bandopadhay was born on 19 May 1908.


Book : Uttorkaler Golposongroho
Writer : Manik Bandopadhyay
Category of the book : Galpa sangraha
Publisher of the book : National book agency ltd
Publication Date :  Oct 1972
Language : Bangla
Pages :  467  pages
Weight : 21  MB

Professor Masud Rana by Kazi shahnur hossain

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Professor Masud Rana by Kazi shahnur hossain. He is popular fictionist, Spy thirller and detective character of Bangladesh. Since then many spying & Thriller stories book published in this series of Masud Rana. The books written on shadow of English and other languages.


PROFESSOR MASUD RANA (6.3 MiB, 12 downloads)
Book :  Professor Masud Rana
Writer : Kazi shahnur Hussain
Category of the book : Spy thriller
Publisher of the book :Sheba Prokashoni
Publication Date :  Dec 1993
Language : Bangla
Pages :  145  pages
Weight : 6.31  MB

Dosshi Kojon by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal

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Dosshi K-Jon written  by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal is a another popular teenage book. Dosshi K-Jon was published in 2004 by Protic Prokashon.


Dosshi-k-jon (3.7 MiB, 53 downloads)
Book : Dosshi Kojon
Writer : Muhammed Zafar Iqbal
Category of the book : Novel, Teenage
Publisher of the book : Protic Prokashon.
Publication Date :  2004
Language : Bangla
Pages :  121  pages
Weight :  4 MB

Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare

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Romeo and Juliet by auther William Shakespeare.The popular book Romeo and Juliet is  story .The book published by Sheba Prokashoni .The books written on shadow of English and other languages.


ROMEO AND JULIET (899.5 KiB, 56 downloads)
Book : Romeo and Juliet
Writer : WilliamShakespeare                    Category of the book : Tragedy
Publisher of the book :
Publication Date :
Language : Bangla
Pages :  15  pages
Weight : 0.88 MB

Shock Wave by Makhdum Ahmed

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Shock Wave translated by Bengali auther Makhdum Ahmed.The popular book Shock Wave is Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense.The book published by Mizan publishers.The books written on shadow of English and other languages.


SHOCK WAVE - MAKHDUM AHMED (7.4 MiB, 58 downloads)
Book :  Shock Wave
Writer :   Makhdum Ahmed            Category of the book :  Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
Publisher of the book : Mizan publishers
Publication Date :  Mizan publishers
Language : Bangla
Pages :  233  pages
Weight :7.37 MB

Warlock by Shahjahan Manik

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Warlock translated by Bengali auther Shahjahan Manik .The popular book Warlock is  Historical Fiction, Adventure fiction .The book published by Rodela Prokashoni .The books written on shadow of English and other languages.


WARLOCK - SHAHJAHAN MANIK (16.6 MiB, 37 downloads)
Book :   Warlock
Writer :   Shahjahan Manik               Category of the book : Historical Fiction, Adventure fiction
Publisher of the book : Rodela Prokashoni
Publication Date :  Feb 2011
Language : Bangla
Pages :  543  pages
Weight : 16.62MB

You Can Win  By A K Samanta

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You Can Win translated by Bengali auther A.K Samanta .The popular book You Can Win is Self-help .The book published by mackmilan india ltd .The books written on shadow of English and other languages.


YOU CAN WIN (6.7 MiB, 36 downloads)
Book :  You Can Win
Writer : A.K Samanta                      Category of the book : Self-help book publisher of the book : mackmilan india ltd
Publication Date :  2002
Language : Bangla
Pages : 177 pages
Weight : 6.71 MB

King Lear written by William Shakespeare

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King Lear written by William Shakespeare   . The popular book is  story .The book published by Ekush Prokashon .The books written on shadow of English and other languages.


Book :   King Lear
Writer :William  Shakespeare                      Category of the book : Histry
Publisher of the book : Sheba Prokashoni
Publication Date :
Language : Bangla
Pages :  37  pages
Weight :1.91   MB

Dwandwamadhur by Syed Mujtaba Ali

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  by Indian Bengali Literate Syed Mujtaba Ali was Bengali writer, Journalist, travel enthusiast and academican ,scholar and linguist about 15 language. He admitted to Berlin University Boon and earned PhD from Germany .Writer worked in Kabul as a Professor of education department.


Dwandwamadhur (8.3 MiB, 23 downloads)
Book :   Dwandwamadhur
Writer : Syed Mujtaba Ali
Category of the book :  Novel
Publisher of the book : Bishaw Bani Prokashani
Publication Date : 1953
Language : Bangla
Pages :   160  pages
Weight :  8.32  MB

Darer Mayna by Purnendu patri

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DARNER MOINA Poem by Indian Bengali poet purnendu patri was writer,a rtist, editor illustrator and film Director also. His film magazine name is Chirita. He admitted to Art College in 1949. His first painting exhibition was held in British Council, Kolkata in 1982. His First poem is Ek Mutho Rod.



Book : Darer Mayna
Writer : Purnendu patri
Category of the book : Poem
Publisher of the book : Sahitya
Publication Date :  1959
Language : Bangla
Pages : 209 pages
Weight : 24 MB