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Python Programming

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Python is now a days world’s most powerful programming language. If you are going to learn python you must know why is it important to learn python for an engineer , scientist or IT guy? what is the motivation behind to learn python. Well! python is most easy to learn, powerful,interpreted programming language yopu can implement your ideas and do your projects and for many other filed of science and technology as follows:
-Data Science.
-Machine Learning.
-Web Development.
-Computer Science Education.
-Computer Vision and Image Processing.
-Game Development.
-Medicine and Pharmacology.
-Biology and Bioinformatics.
-Neuroscience and Psychology.
-Other areas such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, business, meteorology, and graphical user interface (GUI) development.

We have here some nice and tremendous Python easy to learn pdf or ebooks free to download:

  1. Learn Python in One Day
  2. Python for Kids
  3. Python Programming For Beginners and Experts
  4. Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner
  5. Python Programming for Beginners by By Adam Stewart