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আল মউযুআত by Dr.Khandakar Abdullah Jahangir

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Book name : আল মউযুআত
Writer : Dr.Khandakar Abdullah Jahangir
Category of the book : Religious/Islamic
Publisher of the book : As-sunnah publishers
Publication Date : December 2009
Language : Bangla
Pages : 233 pages
Weight : 9.86 MB

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আল মউযুআত – ড খন্দকার আব্দুল্লাহ জাহাঙ্গীর (9.9 MiB, 277 downloads)

Missro Kothon by Syed Muhammad Ibrahim

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“Missro Kothon(মিশ্র কথন)” by Syed Muhammad Ibrahim is a book of autobiography and history of Bangladesh. The Book contains true History of Bangladesh Politics and also about Military history. The Author writes about his personal experiences and thoughts over various aspects of Bangladesh which mean a ‘Mixed Speech/Talking'(in Bangla: Missro Kothon) stands for the name of this book. Readers can understand and know lots more about the biography and thoughts of the Author and also about the history of Bangladesh.

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Missro Kothon By Syed Muhammad Ibrahim [eBook From Easy Publications] (2.9 MiB, 521 downloads)