Hongkong Shamrat By Qazi Anwar Hussain

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Masud Rana is a fiction famous character Hongkong Shamrat created  by writer Qazi  Anwar Hossain.He is popular fictionist of Bangladesh. In the year 1966, his first book of writer  Masud Rana series,   Hongkong Shamrat published  by Sheba Prokashoni. Since about  four hundred book published  of Masud Rana.series .Written books on the shadow of English and other languages .


HONGKONG SHAMRAT (9.4 MiB, 104 downloads)
Book :   Hongkong Shamrat
Writer : Qazi Anwar Hussain
Category of the book :  Thriller
Publisher of the book : Sheba Prokashoni
Publication Date :  Oct 1977
Language : Bangla
Pages : 153   pages
Weight : 9.41  MB

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