Panchti Romantic Uponyas By Nimai Bhattacharya

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Panchti Romantic Uponyas By Indian Bengali auther Nimai Bhattacharya started his career in journalism. His first novel published in Amritobazar in 1953. Nimai  Bhattacharya passed I A and B A degree from Ripon College, Calcutta. Writer born in 10 April 1931 Kolkata,India.


Panchti-Romantic By Nimai Bhattacharya (33.9 MiB, 10 downloads)
Book :Panchti Romantic Uponyas
Writer : Nimai Bhattacharya
Category of the book : Romantic
Publisher of the book : Dey’s Publishing
Publication Date : 2009
Language : Bangla
Pages : 462  pages
Weight : 34  MB


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