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Effective Java 3rd Edition

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What’s New in Effective Java’s Third Edition?

Effective Java 3rd Edition contains a lot of changes as compare to 2nd edition. Here is some idea about what is new in effective java 3rd edition. Effective Java 3rd Edition contains some new ideas for developers to know about java 7, java 8 and java 9. there are several changes with 12 chapters encompassing 90 items covering well over 350 pages.

It will not only cover Java 9 release but also all the changes from Java 7 and Java 8.

Why Java developers Waiting for Effective Java 3rd Edition?

Even Its effective java 1st edition received  appreciation from the inventor of java language. He himself said that he need this book sometimes to encourage the programmers as well as readers of the world.
Here are some important topics which are mostly covered by effective java 3rd edition are mentioned below:
1. Effective Java 3rd edition will cover Java 7, 8, and 9
2. Joshua Bloch is considering revising concurrency chapter, time permitting.
3. A whole chapter on lambdas and stream.
4. New library features such as the Optional interface, java.time, and the convenience factory methods for collections.
5. NIO 2.0 introduced in JDK 7.
6. Functional programming constructs that were added to its object-oriented roots.
7. Functional interfaces, lambda expressions, method references, and streams.
Please find the technical details of the book effective java 3rd edition :
Name of the book: Effective Java 3rd edition
Author: Joshua Bloch
Version: 3rd edition
Pages: 596
Weight: 3,0 MB (2.952.818 bytes)
Just Download effective java 3rd edition by single click here :
Effective Java, Third Edition
Effective Java, Third Edition
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